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Gel Nails

Biosculpture Gel overlays

Odourless Gel application to strengthen natural nails. Ideal for clients wishing to grow their own nails or after the removal of nail extensions. UV gel is a ready to use product hence no harsh chemicals are needed Bio sculpture gel is a self levelling product so there is no need to buff the nails. Layers of gel is applied to the natural nail and cured under a UV light to form a hard casing.

Gels are hard wearing and flexible while being kind to your nail bed. Choose from a variety of colours, clear or permanent French manicured look. NO drills are required during this system.

Gel nail overlays £27.00

Gel nail overlays French £30.00

Individual nail £ 3.00

Nail repair (per nail) £ 3.00

Gel Toe Overlay £27.00

Gel Toe Overlays French £30.00

Gel Removal £ 8.00

Gel Removal with New Set £ 5.00

Gel Diamantes £ 0.75 per nail

Gel Art £ 1.50 per nail

Gel Art £ 10.00 full set art

Gel Pedicure £35.00
Express pedicure and Gel Toes Overlay

Gels package £48.00

Gel nails full set and Gel toes full set.
(Extra for French, £3.00 hands & feet)