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Thread Veins


Photorejuvenation uses a combination of heat and light to stimulate and re-generate elastin fibres, new cell growth and increase collagen production for a plumper, firmer skin.

6 Sessions are required 3-4 Weekly for maximum results
Photorejuvenation face - £100 course of 6 £500
Photorejuvenation Face and neck - £120 course of 6 £600
Photorejuvenation Face, neck & Chest - £150 course of 6 £750

IPL thread veins / IPL anti ageing treatments

To improve Rosacea, thread veins and vascular conditions on face or hands. Consultations free of charge.

Rosacea facial treatment - £65.00
Typically you will need 2- 4 sessions every 4 weeks to reduce the redness and you may have to maintain and control triggers by many factors as rosacea is an underlying condition.

Facial Thread vein treatment – From £50
IPL treatment emits light which is readily absorbed into blood vessels heating them to a point at which they are destroyed, following treatment vessels clear as they are reabsorbed by the body leaving little trace of the original lesion. Treatment is required every 1-2 weeks with typically 3-5 treatments required. Although number of treatments can vary depending on the area treated.

Acne facial - £65.00
The light emited from the IPL targets overactive sebaceous glandsgreatly reducing the severity of Acne lesions by killing the bacteria infection. Light stimulates collagen to improve skin texture. Treatment required weekly typically you can keep acne under control using this method.

Pigmented lesions / age spot - from £50.00
Inconsistency in melanocytes will give patches of pigmentation that are darker to the ambient skin. These patches of pigment can be treated without affecting the ambient skin colour. The light is absorbed in to these patches and the melanocytes are caused to shatter, they break up and dissipate over a period of time. This treatment is also effective on sun damaged / age spots on the back of hands.